Shell Jewelry

Woven Triple Strand Abalone Necklace with Swarovski Jet Crystals and Sterling Silver Accents


The color palette of this woven abalone necklace is a great combination of color tones that highlight the blue and green tones of the abalone shell. The matte metallic twisted bugle beads set a subtle, soft foundation of  green/brown tones,and the teal blue, and aqua iris seed beads paired up with the swarovski jet crystals, make a big sparkling impact in bold blues. 

This necklace is adjustable in length at 18-20 1/2 inches

I design and build a handcrafted gift/storage box for each piece of jewelry I make. It is my way of making a beautiful presentation of my jewelry to my customer, or the person being gifted. There is no charge to my customer for the box.

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