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Shell Jewelry

Gold Mother of Pearl Coin Bead Necklace with Czech Glass and Swarovski Crystal Accents


 This necklace has rich earthy tones with the gold mother of pearl coin bead, and the light and airy brightness of the swarovski chrysolite opal crystals. There is a shiny polished look when all elements of the design come together, including amber metallic bugle beads, gold faceted rondelle crystals, and the one element that pulls everything smoothly together, the czech glass crystal rondelles.  Metal accents are brass.

The length of this necklace is 17 inches.

Every piece of jewelry I make comes with a handcrafted gift/storage box that I design to match the jewelry. The box makes a great presentation for the jewelry and then you can later use the box however you wish.

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DSCN5137 (640x480).jpg
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