Shell Jewelry

Dentalia Shell and Turquoise Chip Choker with Swarovski Crystal Accents


Beautiful white dentalia shell looks great in this triple strand choker, paired up with bright blue turquoise chip and rondelle beads. There is a lot of visual interest created through the use color. Swarovski crystals in purple velvet and smokey topaz bring strong and diverse colors to this design. Sterling silver accent beads define and highlight the swarovski crystals. The end bar and clasp is silver plated.

The length of this choker is 14 1/2 inches. This choker is not an adjustable length choker.

I design and build a handcrafted gift/storage box for each piece of jewelry I make. It is my way to make a beautiful presentation of my jewelry to my customer, or the person being gifted. The box is a bonus, there is no charge to my customer for the box.

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