Shell Jewelry

Dentalia Shell and Turquoise Chip Braided Necklace


This triple strand necklace is a nice braided flow of white dentalia shell and turquoise chips with czech glass dagger beads in iris blue at the large ends of the shell, at the smaller end of the shell is apatite gemstone rounds and transparent turquoise seed beads. Beautiful bright and light colors of the dentalia shell and turquoise contrasting with the the dark yet colorful dagger beads. Silver plated cones with raised dots work well with the silver plated bali style toggle clasp that is also surrounded with apatite gemstone rounds.

The length of this necklace is 18 inches.

I design and build a handcrafted gift/storage box for each piece of jewelry I make. It is my way to provide a beautiful presentation of my jewelry to my customer, or the person being gifted. There is no charge to my customer for the box.

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