Pearl Jewelry

Golden Copper Freshwater Pearl Necklace with Amber and Cobalt Faceted Crystals


This freshwater pearl necklace has copper pearls with a luminous golden shine, combined with round faceted two color crystals in amber and cobalt blue. I used amber metallic bugle beads and cobalt seed beads, to reflect the color of the crystals through out the design of the necklace. At the clasp is two smoked topaz Artemis crystals. This is a very warm, elegant necklace with great contrasting color.

The length of this necklace is 21 inches.

I design and build a handcrafted gift/storage box for each piece of jewelry I make. It is my way to give a beautiful presentation of my jewelry to my customer, or the person being gifted. There is no charge to my customer for the box.

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