Bone and Horn Jewelry

White Hairpipe Bone Triple Strand Necklace featuring Lapis Gemstone


This tribal style necklace is made with pristine white hairpipe bone beads, and a combination of lapis gemstones, both round and square cut flat beads, and iris luster hematite that is a flat square cut stone. The solid, repetitive design also has gold plated heishe beads to add the richness of gold, affordably, and two tone faceted round crystals in amber and cobalt for a little extra sparkle and shine. 

The length of this necklace is 21 inches. The contrasting color scheme, of the white hairpipe bone beads and the dark richness of the lapis gemstone is quite striking. Each showcases the beauty of the other.

I design and build a handcrafted gift/storage box for each piece of jewelry I make. It is my way of providing a beautiful presentation of my jewelry to my customer, or the person being gifted. There is no charge to my customer for the box.

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