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Bone and Horn Jewelry

Small Turquoise Nugget Golden Horn and Tibetan Brass Cube Bead with Turquoise Mosaic Necklace


This necklace is made with small nicely shaped blue turquoise nuggets, rich honey colored semi-translucent golden horn beads, two of which are long three sided tubular beads and the rest are golden horn nugget beads and Tibetan brass cube beads with turquoise mosaic. The metal beads are gold plated brass and the clasp is a 14 K gold filled lobster claw clasp.

This necklace is a native american inspired design using mostly natural materials. The golden horn and the turquoise are both rich in color and flow well together.

The length of this necklace is 16 3/4 inches.

Every piece of jewelry I make comes with a handcrafted color coordinating gift/storage box.



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DSCN6145 (640x480).jpg
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