shared thoughts

Open your eyes and trust your inner voice

I will have to admit that I am an impulse shopper when it comes to buying materials for my jewelry projects. Certain materials speak to my inner thoughts of beauty and that is what really drives the creative process. Of course I have a list of criteria in my mind of what will make the cut and why... that makes sense to me, but may not make sense to everyone, initially. This list is something that expands and could also change, the more time you spend experimenting, learning, and growing. In the mind of an artist any everyday event is an opportunity to visualize the possibility of what could be. Taking the time to just look at the materials that I find visually pleasing based on individual merit takes on a personality all its own as I add more to the mix of materials. And so it begins... while working on one project, so many more ideas come to the surface just waiting to be realized.   

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