Customer has "special request"

Have you ever found something on the internet that you absolutely loved and wondered to yourself, "Will that work for me, will it fit me right". I had a customer message me with those exact concerns, so we had a conversation about length needed in the choker. I always include the length of the piece of jewelry in my listing description. Measure your neck if it is a choker, or if it is a necklace measure to see if the necklace would be the length you are comfortable with. If it isn't the right length for you, send me an e-mail at and lets make the necessary adjustments to make it the perfect fit for you, or build the perfect fit for you. I design and build custom jewelry. If you see something on my website that you love, chances are that you will not be able to find it in a store. My style is unique. Designing and building custom jewelry is my passion.

Finding a solution to this problem was simply adding an extension chain to increase the length. Top picture is the listing photo, bottom picture is the solution to the choker being to small. Communication = happy customer!